Corrosion measurements

Hand-held corrosion measurement and data collection device


The MS1500L is a hand-held measurement and data collection device. It is lightweight, easily handled, and battery operated so that it can be carried to any location where measurement or data collection is required.

The MS1500L has several measurement functions:

• 3-Electrode Linear Polarization (corrosion-rate)
• 2-Electrode Linear Polarization (corrosion-rate)
• “Pitting Index”
• Zero Resistance Ammetry
• Electrode Potential

All measurements made with the MS1500L may be stored in the onboard memory that will hold as many as 3000 readings from up to 100 individual probes. All stored data may be called to the instrument screen and reviewed at any time. A backup battery will hold all data stored in memory for up to 12 months, in event of failure of the main instrument battery.